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Movie and TV jigsaw puzzles are perfect gifts for someone that loves movies, loves to watch TV or loves jigsaw puzzles–or loves all three! I’ll bet you get a big kick out of these movie themed jigsaw puzzles, too. Who knew there were so many kinds of jigsaw puzzles to choose from?

I love watching movies, classic and new releases alike.  I love jigsaw puzzles too.  Imagine my delight when I discovered movie jigsaw puzzles for my favorite movies like Gone With The Wind, The Wizard Of Oz and even Frozen, Batman and Star Wars.  Amazing!

I hope you like the selection of movie jigsaw puzzles I’ve rounded up for you.  Aren’t these great?

Doctor Who Jigsaw Puzzles

Doctor Who Jigsaw Puzzles

Doctor Who fans and enthusiasts will love these cool Doctor Who jigsaw puzzles featuring the Doctor Who theme. Doctor Who puzzles make awesome gifts for fans of the long running British television series. People of all ages and genders enjoy jigsaw puzzles, so you can’t go wrong giving one of these Doctor Who jigsaw puzzles as a gift …

Pirates Of The Caribbean Jigsaw Puzzles

Pirates Of The Carribean Jigsaw Puzzles

Arrr, matey!  Pirates Of The Caribbean jigsaw puzzles make a unique gift idea for any fan of Johnny Depp, Captain Jack Sparrow and all the crazy, wonderful characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. You can’t go wrong when giving one or more of these fun Pirates of the Caribbean jigsaw puzzles.  Savvy? Just …

Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzles

Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzles

Star Wars jigsaw puzzles are out of this world fun! If you need a gift for a Star Wars fan in your life, this is the place!  I love jigsaw puzzles and I love Star Wars and so…I can’t wait to get my hands on that Yoda puzzle! Putting together jigsaw puzzles can be very …

The Hobbit Jigsaw Puzzles

If you love jigsaw puzzles and you love The Hobbit, you’re going to love these Hobbit Jigsaw Puzzles. Beautiful artwork and the challenge of up to 1000 pieces make these Hobbit jigsaw puzzles must haves. Of special interest are the3D puzzles of Isengard, Hobbiton, Edoras and Minas Tirith. I haven’t tried 3D puzzles yet, but …

Twilight Saga Jigsaw Puzzles

Twilight Jigsaw Puzzles

Twilight Jigsaw Puzzles are a huge collectors item for fans of the Twilight movie series. The Twilight Saga has a total of five movies in the series that originated with the Twilight Saga books from Stephanie Meyer. Below you will find fun and challenging Twilight Jigsaw Puzzles that are a great way to share your …